1. May dalawang lebel ako ng trust sa tao.

    • Yung una, tiwala. Simpleng tiwala lang. Acquiantance or friendly-tiwala kumbaga. Tiwala na kapag sinira mo pwede ko pa paniwalaan, pwede mo pa maayos.
    • Yung pangalawa, super duper mega tiwala! Ganun.  Needless to say, buong buo, walang halong echos. Papaliwanag ko pa ba?

    Tapos yung tiwala ko sa’yo? Yun, Andun sa pangalawa. Tapos. Tapos, Sinira mo.

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  2. “I think for me, when I write songs I try to stick to what I know, so I end up writing a lot of songs about my life.and things to happened to me. And I think it’s the most amazing feeling when you’ve written a song and you say exactly how you feel. Sometimes it gets complicated because sometimes you’re not just feeling one thing. Sometimes It gets chaotic in your head. And this tends to happen when you’re losing somebody or trying to forget about somebody. One time that happened to me, and I was feeling so much that I couldn’t really figure out how to say it in a song. And so I decided that maybe the best thing to do might be to just write down exactly what happened, because I remembered it all.

    naiimagine ko na live na kinakanta ni taylor yung all too well syet *cries*

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  3. All Too Well in Shanghai

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  4. Six-Word Stories That Are Absolutely Heart-Breaking

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    Hold on to this lullaby
    Even when the music is gone
  7. Mama Swift was telling some fans how Taylor puts her heart into every song she writes and that the most heart wrenching song she has ever written was All Too Well. She told them that Taylor wrote All Too Well while they were still rehearsing for the Speak Now tour in 2010. Taylor came to the stage and everyone could tell she had been crying. Everyone knew she had just gone through a bad breakup but the show must go on. She picked up a guitar and began to play the opening to All Too Well. She sang bits and pieces of it and the band looked around confused because this was a song they didn’t know. Then it dawned on everyone in the room that they didn’t know the song because she was writing it right then and there. Slowly, the band began to join in with her. By the time she got to the part where it goes ‘you called me up again just to break me like a promise,’ Andrea said she was crying and screaming the words. When she was finished, Mama Swift turned to the sound guy and asked if he recorded it and he tearfully said that he did. She kept the song until the Red album because it was still too raw in 2010.

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    If all I gave you for gifts was poetry, would you be happy?


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    line dimension

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